What We Do

Our Mission

YAG Leadership and Advocacy Society works hard to provide programming and services to youth with no barriers to access.


We advocate for services and initiatives that youth need in our community. If there is something that youth need, we will give them a voice.


We provide support and mentorship to youth in our programs, and guide them to the right resources should that time come.


We provide leadership training and opportunities to youth in our programs to set them up for future success.

A community of youth

At the Youth Action Group, we strive to create a community where youth can feel comfortable speaking up for what they believe in. Whether that is for a social cause, or youth rights, we are here to create and foster that culture.

Donate now

As a youth-led organization with 0 paid employees, we rely heavily on community supports and grants. Donating to the Youth Action Group shows your support for youth in Mission.

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